Poverty As Invisible

Vintage Words


I could not possibly wear someone

else's clothes because I like new stuff.

Don't offer me bluejeans unless

they are designer.
My husband lost his job and I

don't make enough to hold up our

lifestyle, but at least my clothes

are store bought.
So what if me and my girlfriend
live with my mom. I drive a nice
car, a really nice car, and the same
clothes everyday. Eventually, I
may use a tax return to buy some
clothes but paying mom's rent
is out. I am her son. She loved me.

There is never enough money

so food stamp charge cards can

be used for other people who give

us money for groceries. Cut in
food stamps. Oh no, how am I going
to buy new clothes and go out with
my working friends?
I didn't mean to have five kids

and this latest pregnancy should

have been terminated. But life

is precious and for 18 years I can
collect assistance and not

have to work anywhere except a fast

food restaurant.

Kids have no decent clothes

or shoes, but the rule holds. Poverty

does not mean nothing purchased

new for me. The kids, somebody

will give them something to wear;

coats and boots in winter, a bit of shop

lifting in a second hand store in summer

solves the issue of keeping up appearances

fairly well.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

People are desperate and spoiled in usa. 

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Liked your Author's comment very true




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Imbalance of Wealth

It makes you wonder where it will lead. Massive graves most likely. See: depressing - slc

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