Winter Gone

Vintage Words


The grass is growing and the squirrels

are getting sassy. Big tabby sized kitties

waltz across lawns as if they own

the mortgage.


The Cardinals and the Blue Jays are back;

annual mates looking for anything

that will help them build a nest. 


The rose bushes may or may not

have survived the cold. I am not so

sure my aging joints survived as well

as last year.


The daffodils and irises are coming 

along. I amble to the window and peek

at them every other day denying

the pain in my limbs. It is said

that in Colorado there is legal pot.

In Canada you can grow up to four

plants of mj and their flowers

are filled with magic. Maybe I

should move to Canada.






Author's Notes/Comments: 

I am wishing you apple, pear, and cherry blossoms for your spring. :D


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Sounds like a beautiful garden

This poem warmed me up and made me feel like spring! Beautifully said, Star!

Let your teeth show

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Madam Incompli

Thank you kindly ~Star~

Lady A


MilMan's picture

Winter Gone

Thank You Again ~STAR~ Beautiful and heart touching. You are a Blessing

*MilMan*   Cool

allets's picture

Spring Poetry

Is always there to bolster up spirits and sagging hearts. Thanks for reading my poetry. I appreciate the time you take to comment also. Pray for me and I will pray for you :D 



Lady A