Why Are You Pissed Off?

Vintage Words


Chemicals emit layover rads

from old experiments. Too much

dirty air evicted from volcanos

where toxins were dumped. The

ground from long ago was a grave

for carcinogens.


The cause of anger could not

be the wonderful economy we

are enjoying and the near full

employment with high wages

and great benefits.


Poverty is no plumbing, no lights,

and no access to transportation

or the new social gathering places

on line. Anger comes from that

far too often.


Anger is still there, passed by on

the sidewalk with a frown and no nod.

Accompanied with some terrible plan

to ruin the day of those you encounter.

Anger has no real agenda as it transfers

misery. From Hell is not the best way

to live.


If I kill your dog, okay. Hurt

your kid, flirt with your husband,

steal your stuff. Fine. I deserve

what I get from you. But for no cause

other than you think you can

get away with being really unkind

or raging mean to me with fires

of hatred burning visciousness

and malice in your voice and eyes.


That is no way to live either. If

unacknowledged and totaly ignored,

you will become powerless in a

cowardly clandestine attempt to

communicate unwarrented filth 

and unwitnessed disdain.






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SSmoothie's picture

Ok you make me feel bad about

Ok you make me feel bad about my public private tants and rants :/... well, that didnt last long. Im off to decompress pssssssssssSS

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

"Well, it's life SIMS, but not as we know it" - ¡$&am

allets's picture


U gotta B U. Always. I change up every now and then, but ranting is a PostPoem tradition (yr baby assuredly). U taught me the format and some days I let it rip! Decompression is overrated. (smile). See you around the site SS ~slc~


Lady A


bishu's picture

Violent visions !!!

Respected Star Your words are scorching.. No wonder people don't come close to stars Laughing


I've made a magic mirror for myself

It reflects me as an ideal Man

Come break my mirror of thoughts

Try and try if you can

Laughing All in fun all in glee

So from mirrors I flee

Wading in the deepest ocean 

Tall enough for hallucination 

Fuming stars an inspiration ?



allets's picture

I Wish

we all owned Ideal mirrors - full of joy and liberation of mind and heart. I vascillate - and will work on avoiding mirrors too :D ~Star~


Lady A


schmuckjones's picture

Very nice, Very hard,

Very drawn, very true.  The guilt is on the face and twisted, but realisation comes and goes.  I could hate on myself for days...  but it gets me nowhere. other than a big metaphorical indifferent plastic void sucking the positive and even then negative out of the enviroment.  Just off.  Very heavy, when we look at ourselves.  This reminded me of M.J.'s song, Man in the mirror.  ♪If you wanna make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make a change.♪ Which is so true.  We're all talking mirrors, and this is the carnival funhouse's room of mirrors....   Some mirrors make you look ugly, some mirrors make you look beautiful; and everything inbetween.

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Mirror Mirror On Them All


Inside is where change happens, then it is externalized, ripples go out like disturbed water to touch all kinds of strange and unsuspecting shores. Thanks for the comment that is ponder worthy indeed.  We all self-hate, I suppose, sometime or other or for some all the time, but the mirror never lies - the real one anyway. Be well ~Star~


Lady A


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I had to Do a Dan version to a Great Write !

I walk the streets alone

looking never for trouble

but always ready

an for no other reason than you think

you can get away with 

being really unkind or raging mean to others 

with fires of hatred burning within your

 vicious and malice eyes.


well if you'd take only a moment

you would see the danger's you'er facing 

with your clandestine communications

of unwarranted dislike. 

you have spent so much of your time 

picking fights with people who won't or can't 

fight back

Look into the mirror 

look into your eyes 

the windows to ones soul for the cause

of so much rage. 

You hate what is in the mirror and have

mistaken it for those who are innocent.

But your biggest mistake by far is 

Mistaking Me for one of Innocents

I my foolish friend am Your Worst fucking nightmare !

I am you x ten 

My hate'rd  comes from surviving years of abuse 

from people like you 

My strength comes from the same place 

You want to dance with the devil 

just push play ! 

Every story-teller bends the myth to his own purpose. that's why a Hero has a thousand faces

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I loved the

I loved the exchange.

Perspective is a wanton path

That leads to the

 Middle.    .      .east


 At least.      That's where I went

allets's picture

Closer To Home

A poem about people who are mean when no one is looking to just be mean without cause due to low self-esteem or too much anger to contain. It happens all the time and the world (including the mid-east) is sadder for it. Sometimes the mirror contains an unrecognizable visage. slc


Lady A


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This Is Hero Stuff, Dan

Okay, tough guy, that last line was sweet - an invite to dance. A few chords struck are still twanging and jangling down the strings - whew and break out the suture kit, bone setter, wire for the jaw, tooth implants (a prosthetic foot). Okay self-examination is one way - a lil help can't hurt (much). Great Answer Poem!  - slc


Lady A