Ode About Spring (In Winter)

Vintage Words


I miss you. I really truly

miss you. I miss you like

a lost button that shows

my bra for its absence.

I miss all the qualities poets
have written about Spring for

centuries. All of them, I miss.

each one.

I miss Spring everything
because it is Winter now and

the wind makes the air  
do five degrees below zero.
I miss thermometers that

register in the sixties. I can

not tell you more. I miss no

other season that thaws so well.

It's Spring and I just miss it.


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bishu's picture

A truly nice poem lamenting spring in cold winter

Warm and sweaty all year 

Winter here we do not fear

Happy to wear woolens

Bras here don't have buttons

Hooks and straps work fine

Wonder if there are wooly bras

They'd be warmer than Eve's grass

Would come handy even in Tundras

Here in warm humid Kolkata 

Burning bras would be better







allets's picture


Tears to my eyes, tears, teeeeeaaaar, tear tears to my eyes for laughter. Meant the blouse button bish. Women know about the outfit that has the best blouse and pop, lose the button and no time to sew, soooooo, you miss the button badly, but because, Bish, the button belonged to the best blouse. Can't wear the blouse because the bra shows at the place where the button was supposed to hide the bra. Let me be perrrrrfectly clear about this. Oh never mind. I was just missing Spring. Ha! - Lady A ok I'm going to sleep now.

Lady A


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Mary Arabella Sue

Lost a button of her shoe ..... 

It fell into the ocean blue

The mermaids made fun

A small button O crazy one !



allets's picture

Mary Arabella Sue

Losing heels on her left and right shoe

Mary Arabella Sue does not know

what next to do. Go bare of foot or get holes

in her stockings too. Mary Arabella Sue.



08-01-19 (catching up :D ) slc

Lady A