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You can not see it , and I can not,

but  rainbows sink beneath the pot

of gold and continue their course

to complete circles.
The arc is not a180 degree halfling. 

Here it is an absurdity and inevitably

crashes into walls and the ground,

connecting near the earth's core.


That said, try to see the multi-colors

encircling the poet's imagination. Failing

that, see it with the fool's special gifts.



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Well put

Lady A,


I like the simplistic take on such a magnificent topic. If you can't see something, does it not exist? This is what faith is based on but also something as simple as air. 


It really makes you open your eyes and think.



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Dear GAP

I have been thinking about faith a lot lately - the imagination cast out among the stars of galaxies is what we do as poets. No limits, no barriers. Thanks for the read and wondrous comment - Lady A

Lady A


not_an_addict's picture


How curious is our world, this life, our feelings, that so many things we cannot ''see'' but are still there? I love this, your work is a blessing. Much love, R

please read my poems, and enjoy the real-life drama that is my life!

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Blessings Be Upon You

Thank you for reading my poem and commenting - life has so many options, it amazes me that I have not chosen more of it - Lady A

Lady A


and_hera_met_zeus's picture

an excellent and optimistic

an excellent and optimistic poem to start the new year :) thanks for the poem and its perfect timing!

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About Optimism

You are so right, anotheramethyst. It is all about vision and optimism. Thanks for the read and lovely comment - Lady A

Lady A