Vintage Words


Demanding more always is the

overwhelming need for power

in batteried places. Cell phones,

tv remotes, flashlights all require

high ions flowing.

We will now have five minutes

of silence to mourn the passing
of a year old battery. Okay,

two minutes. 




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Power Celled.



Love your topics for poetry. This one is no exception; what would we do without all our gadgets lets hope we don't have to have a wake for them. The demise of a year old battery, all worn out, observed and homage paid. Instead of just throwing it in the bin. Love it. Lady A.




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Recycled Is The Thing

It was my first ode to a battery. Bishu inspired, he is replacing his 2014 batteries for 2015 new ones. - Lady A

Lady A


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Long live the good battery

Rest in peace LOL ~Yours forever unseen yet familiar wordfriend wishing you and your loved ones a fully charged 2015~



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What a wondrous compound word for poets (or any writers) to use as a sign off. Your Wordfriend, Lady A


Lady A