king of the sea

he was die-hard
far from anyone imagination
he was a freak

had a something to fulfill


in the silence of nobody
unsettled the settled
disturb all the rituals of beauty
that's what he wanted


he entered in the world of treasure
treasure, maybe he got something
that's what we called that place
but for him
it was a place for match
it was a place
where all the reality converge
where all the chirping of birds
and nature come together


he entered into the sea
with his ship named 'tomodachi'
cause it was all about go with splendor
and in that sparking parallel world
feel everything
where waves mixes and 
can become friendly, 

can make some enemy 


they fought with the storm together
they fought with nature together
they fought with others together
they saw the group of birds
leaving together


his tomodachi got damaged
he wounded badly
but holding his comrades he said
" we are in beauty
we are in art of nature
so lets make our own history
friendly, ahhh! it hurts"

 i finally found my treasure


come to the ocean you will find it too"

I'm the king, king of this ocean

somesay you will know 

it's meaning too

Author's Notes/Comments: 

he found his treasure in the beauty of ocean ...what was it can anybody think of it

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