Beauty redefined

By nature, seems enhanced

No other form of love

Could leave us in this trance.

The beauty in your eyes

The strength beneath your smile

I have realized my time with you

Is a time worthwhile.

This feels just like a fairytale

And all my dreams are coming ture

An enchanted story being told

Of spending my life with you.♥

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i can't wait to discover it.♥

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Jason Daffron's picture

wow. this is so deep. i had to read it like 4 times before it really set in on me lol. and that is a good thing, it's just your words are that powerful. what comes to my mind when i read this poem is laying on the couch with the one you Love on a rainy day and just enjoying each other's presence. really, really good job on this. seriously =) ~Jason