Saying Good-Bye

I sit next to you

Watching you while you sleep.

So sound and peaceful

And then I begin to weep.

You see, it's been 3 years

Since the day you almost died

Living with everyday fears

Afraid you will not survive.

I turn my head

You're staring at me

And I know you see my fears.

"You're afraid, and it's okay to be."

Then you wiped away my tears.

I lean into your kiss

Just to feel your touch again.

I am afraid I'll just move on.

And then get hurt again.

I said "good- bye and I love you"

And let you get back to sleep.

Now knowing that at 2 a.m.

The steps were going to get steep.

I returned to your side

And saw how hard life could be

My love and life had already died

But I know his soul had been set free.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I know this isn't how it ended... but I hope you will remeber me.

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Jason Daffron's picture

hey again! i like this. there is so much emotion in this and it reads well too. my favorite lines are: "And let you get back to sleep./Now knowing that at 2 a.m./The steps were going to get steep." good job on this. ~Jason