We Are Evaporating



You disregard the indisputable truth and call it poisonous words


You expect me to not expose your made up book of the absurd


You were force fed these crazy lies since you were able to talk


You were led down this false path since you were able to walk


Quickly stick your fingers into your ears so you cannot hear what I am saying


Keep your mind confined in the room of stupidity in which it has been staying


You are incapable of ever accepting not knowing why things are as they are


Untruthful pages ravage and wreck hordes of simple, weakened intellects


Conditioned to think they know it all, but it’s impossible for them to think that far





Facts and logic are not compatible with any of these nonsensical stories


Conceal the plot holes and lunacy while you preach of his detestable glory


Humans made God from themselves and their own flawed, evolved design


Megalomaniacal, vindictive, destructive and prideful


Horrific acts committed that are approved and stamped by cretins as divine


Sexist, homophobic, unintelligent and hateful





Humanity cannot deal with facing expiration


Yet everything living cannot elude dying


Humanity created the fiction of the afterlife


The foundations of their mainstream cults built on lying




Facts, logic and sanity do not mix with your ridiculous religions


Try to hide what is truly dwelling inside, and pretend it’s sin


Humans created all Gods from what they are both inside and out


Racist, judgmental, greedy and narcissistic


Wars and genocide due to followers expunging disbelief and doubt


Hypocritical, bigoted, controlling and unrealistic





Random, remorseless death and demise


Gruesome happenings that are not part of any mysterious plan


Accidental terminations that no higher power devised





Humanity cannot deal with their fate of expiration


As a result they then concocted themselves a Heaven


Into a fabricated Hell non-believers are told they’ll be thrown


The majority viewing this world as just a throw away stepping stone


Into a bogus damnation to make the masses fall in line no one will be thrown


The majority merely living their lives as throw away, transitory stepping stones


This is as grand as it gets; there is no Heaven waiting for you


This is as miserable as it gets; there is no Hell to be flung into





We let go of logic when we are thinking of our mortality


Hoping for together forever, but there is only temporary


Losing those we hold dear permanently is permanent heartache


And if we think of it too long it is too much for our minds to take





Indiscriminate, unplanned death and demise


Merciless happenings that are not part of any foreordained plan


Malicious terminations that no pretend power devised





Wandering recklessly through our lives that we’re pondering


When reality stands in your way


When truth clouds over your day


Drink and drug yourself into oblivion


When truth is too much to bear


When reality reveals itself as too unfair


Follow an insane, delusional religion


Reality constantly glaring


Actuality unblinking and staring


Left mangled and despairing


We find many ways to cease caring


Searching desperately in fiction for purpose but still left wondering





I wish I knew that there is a hereafter awaiting me and you


I wish everyone I love and care for could end up being there too


Thinking of not seeing you again causes my psyche to fragment and then plummet


Expelling me down into a disconsolate pit even when I had just smiled on the summit


I feel like I cannot ever express to you that I love you too much


Because I know in time we’ll never again feel each other’s touch


I sometimes want to be able to buy these falsifications they sell


But I can easily see the numerous faults and fallacies all too well


I dream of us departing our lives together


And then we would hold hands heading somewhere superior to go


I imagine that we could be together forever


Critical thinking and reason indifferently informs me that will not be so


Innumerable humans view this world as a stop before arriving at brighter days


A dispensable garbage dump to disrespect along their putrid, egotistical way


But there is no where celestial for anyone to reach when they pass away


Earth is as close to a deity as we will ever get


Humanity is our planet’s plague that will not be allowed to stay





Frivolous breathing


Cattle on one another cruelly beating


Out of control breeding

Cattle on one another feasting


Hiding the molesting, raping, salivating, sexual beasts within


Painting over primal, vulgar truths incorrectly spoke of as sin


A planet devastated, spit on and used


Humanity dismantles its home as it hastily feeds


Our race is an incurable, swollen malady about to explode


Humanity will always grab for much more than it needs


Our hateful, miserable society shall soon implode


A planet depleted, taken for granted and abused





All religions passing down mythical lies from the past


Make-believe places humans will everlastingly last


Younger religions recycling archaic fables from the past


Conditioning their children so all those untruths last


Hallucinating on fanciful faith and mentally marred


Into their brains these deranged myths are sewn


Irrational damaged goods with open thinking barred


They have been trained to not think on their own





Fascinating, spectacular nature surrounds


Above us and below the ground


We stifle the breathtaking that surrounds


Obscure the above and infect the ground


Humanity cannot face their for certain expiration


Humanity created woeful creators of all creation


We do not truly live or live in the now


Yet we’re hoping to exist endlessly somehow


We drift lifelessly through our lives consuming all in sight


Yet we want to someday wander into an imaginary light


Marking vulgar mammals with illusionary sainthood


Humanity does not deserve to survive forever


But of course we would believe that we should


There’s no hope ultimately for us whatsoever





Immobilized minds chasing after falsehoods with useless prayers


I wish reality did not contain so much of the heartless and distressing


Concentrating on never seeing you once more brings on many tears


I wish humanity at its noxious core was not disastrous and depressing


A myriad of those waiting for a non-existent place after they perish


The magic in the mess of their dwindling lives they often fail to cherish


Only during our lifetimes now can we seek forgiveness from the living


We barricade ourselves from reaching out due to our many misgivings


This is as grand as it gets; there is no afterlife waiting for you


This is all there is; there is no pointless perfection to transfer to





We are vastly careless with our fleeting, precious lives


Counting on a future, fantasy paradise that is nothingness instead


Our true nature does not deserve to continue to survive


Mystified at specks of glow in infinity while fearing becoming dead


We are lost in meaningless tasks while attempting to feel alive


Religions have constantly vomited their corrupt fuel on reality’s fires


Speaking of Earth as an afterthought that is destined to rot


Teaching us that life after death is what should be most desired


Denying human overpopulation with idiotic, preposterous thoughts


Corroding themselves in selfish, self-fulfilling prophecy


Living out what they hear the unsound, imbecilic brains constantly predict


Acting out an end of the world philosophy


Granting humanity an excuse to accelerate the havoc they’re born to inflict


For ages you aided in making this incinerating inferno grow


For ages you have helped guide this lethal, festering lava flow


For ages you have told them that there is somewhere else much better


For ages you have told them that Earth unequivocally doesn’t matter


For ages you have told them to multiply and spread the vile disease of mankind


For ages you have slithered across the lands while murdering and stunting minds





We are evaporating


The thought of never embracing you again is traumatically debilitating


Our love makes me yearn for a great beyond to reunite in after we die


Our time is evaporating


Our bedridden civilization is flatlining


Humanity’s defiled, spoiling well is running dry


Our existence is rapidly evaporating


Ourselves and our squandered lives we’ll soon be annihilating


We have this sole life on Earth to look into our love ones’ eyes


Our time is evaporating


No immortality


We are evaporating


No eternity

By Adam Keith McElwain

Copyright Adam Keith McElwain Poetry

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Sassylass's picture

It had

A lot of truth. Might seem gloomy, but lies lead to gloomy. It is well written and very interesting.

You laid out your heart in this;)

Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....



AdamKeithMcElwainPoetry's picture

The truth is more often than

The truth is more often than not depressing, and that is one of the many reasons it is rarely told. Thank you very much for reading!