End Of The Rope



Overpopulation and no real solution

Swelling greed and spreading pollution

Sucking finite resources dry

So few selling truth but so many buying lies

Living only for the material moment

It’s all about the here and now

Many acknowledge that it is headed towards disaster

But they just say by then they will be dead anyhow


Those self absorbed, stupid humans

They had it coming anyway

Ate it up until there was nothing left

Then chewed on each other and blew each other away


An infection continually spreading

Tearing down everything in its path

Our ship in cold water so slowly sinking

In time humanity will feel collapse’s icy wrath

So much suffering through the ages

History finds a way to repeat itself

Humanity’s time running out of pages

Day by day closer to a living Hell


Those helpless suffering humans

They never really had a chance

Pretended like they could be more than what they were

Self destructed from the disease of themselves for which there was no cure


We live to eradicate

We live with selfish wants and melting hate

We treat one another like stepping stones

We all are rotting inside in this world of the greedy, suffering, and alone

So few selling truth, but so many buying lies

Stop blinding yourself and truly open your eyes


By Adam Keith McElwain

Copyright Adam Keith McElwain

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"Then chewed on each other

"Then chewed on each other and blew each other away"...wow, fantastic words!

*tallsquirrelgirl* she feels in italics and thinks in CAPITALS ~henry james

AdamKeithMcElwainPoetry's picture

   Thanks. I really appeciate


 Thanks. I really appeciate it. 

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The Petrie Dish Dilemma


We are all different. Competitive and rash in our various pursuits. It ain't all bad though. I look into my grandson's eyes and feel hope. ~A~