Lord, Take Tomorrow


I look today to an old friend
in these times of great burden,
penitent, I hope to mend
our broken fellowship.

I miss those times of golden yesterday
with days of work and play
and no difference between them
my life, an adventure.

I look to God as my much-needed Savior,
but how often a friend?
My Father?
My Lord?
My God?

I remember the times of just yesterday,
God hears me pray -
"Help me make today right,
come find again my heart,
and, Lord, take tomorrow."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A prayer for the moment I was in. God answers prayers.

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Really Pretty!

I like this one! It's really pretty!


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How often do we hear God is love, love is every emotion and situation in acceptance all truths. Peace be with you my friend God bless.

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