A Local Arthurian Tale/Badon Hill




The Battle of Badon Hill

Badon Hill; in 516 King Arthur Pendragon fought and did not fail.

Young Arthur, I recall, who removed the sword Excalibar from the Stone.

To receive the support of all; Kings Knights and the people, to be their Pendragon, his name they call.

With Excalibar King Arthur did kill the invading Anglo-Saxon and cleaved their lives to the bone.

By his own sword hand a total of 914 dead invaders lay slain at Badon in total.

They were slain at the swift embrace of King Arthur's sword Excalibar: for invading the enemy did have to atone.

The twelth battle took place at Badon Hill, Arthur won and to the Saxons proved fatal.

However, they helped Modred; Arthur's nephew who would wear Arthur's Royal Crown.

This Royal battle at Caerleon saw traitor Modred dead and Pendragon King Arthur receive his mortal wound that was dealt.

Pendragon returning to Badon Hill; to rally his remnant troops to defend Britain in the West, where Saxons as well as Vi-King attacked - Arthur mortally wounded fell down.

At Arthur's side; his Knight Grifelt knelt.

Realizing he was close to death Arthur gave instructions for his burial at Arthur's Stone at the rocky enclave of St. Peter's church on Badon Hill: his knight Grifelt did anxiously frown.

"As for Excalibar, my Kingly sword: travel West to our "Blessed Lady's church and bear this good Celt".

The church by the lake, "Our Lady of the Blue Lake"; I return my Royal sword Excalibar hidden by the Lady's crown.

You recall how the Lady's church on ancient Iron foundations was built, a wooded hillside, well above a blue lake, place Excalibar there for she will not be made geldt.

For  King Arthur's spirit is to rise again amongst future Celts and as a free and Independant Wales; with no crown.

So KIng Arthur gave up his life as Pendragon King of the Celts; whilst his immortal spirit was released for all time - in order to inspire future Celts to aspire to be free and Independant people's.

By Anita Griffiths

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A local tale of Arthurian legends, long ago in the past - the location of Badon Hill not far from where I live at Kenfig Hill, South Wales.