Down a hole and covered in snow

Children's Prose:

When I was growing up I remember a particularly serveres Winter; there was snow every where and all over the place too. I was walking along after school to find my way home;the snow having turned everything white. As I chatted to my friend a much older boy by the name of Steven Davies: when all of a sudden the ground gave way beneath my feet and I fell into one  of the empty undulations, created by workmen when they were building the estate.


This undulation I had fallen into was so steep that even standing and trying to pull myself up by creating small cut out hand and feet holds. It was a good idea, but daring ideas do work. Eventually Steven told me to reach up as far as I could; he too could not reach at first. So Steven manages to get hold of my hand and pulls me free of the enveloping snow and the depth of the undulation, which had extremly high walls.


I was so gratefull of Steven's help; without his help I am sure I would have died and quite undetected until the Spring thaw, what a grisly sight I would make. Thank goodness it was only my imagination working overtime. Steven was being really galant I thanked him and gave him a kiss, I was also shivering from snow and cold weather but so gratefull to be alive. But my rescue by Steven made me feel warm and his compay home did a lot to lift my spirits too. I thought Steven was a realy nice bloke.





Author's Notes/Comments: 

A childhood memory., Steven made such an heroic type and a life saver at that. We spent an whole afternoon in his garden one sunny day. I helped him lay traps to catch birds; as soon as he found one bird in  his trap he would write down the details and then although with great reluctance he let them go. The traps he used were very humane as well,a small cardbox box with some strands on string attached to it; and of courselots of bread and seeds. The birds came flocking down and with a signal from Steven I pulled one of the strings and the cardbox fell over an entrapped a blackbird.

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Very interesting

That's a very interesting story.  Thank you for sharing it.  I would love it if you would read some of my work and tell me what you think of it.  But really I just wanted to encourage you to write more because you're very good at it.

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Down a hole and covered in snow

Thank you for taking the time to read my prose andrew, it is good to know that you liked my work. I am also very encouraged by your kind comments.

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Rescue For Real

Glad he was there - Allets -



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Yes I am glad Steven rescued

Yes I am glad Steven rescued me that afternoon, will always be there for you. The kiss was great too.