To Catch A Falling Star


What started as a brilliant sunny morning; just before the week end of the miner's fortnight holidays . My art class was about to launch it's Sumertime season. My main reason  to be at Porthcawl;  I had returned some of my painting and sketching ; at the Gallery at the Grand Pavillion Porthcawl.

 As I was running very late and was;  it was a very busy morning with traffic queues at every turn. The art work of mine would be easy enough for storing in the cab's boot. I was too excited to stop and talk to some one, they made good with a cherio from myself, followed by a Hi!

As I got out  of the cab; my left foot got  left behind, my struggle to release my foot continued, increasing the presure on my foot. Eventualy my foot suddenly released from the shoe and I was catapullted forward  through the door and inevidetly the floor too.

The momentum of this fall continued until I sailed, through the air, I was striking out for something to grasp at in order to break my fall.

However, the opportunity  did not present itself or any type of help; Head first and flat on my face I did injuries iincluded a suspected fractured skull, a broken nose and two black eyes; two broken arms and a wounded foot. So as for "sailing through the air and like gliding gracefully.  My  atempt at this pulverization of the pavement, resulted in many broken bones.

My name Anita means "gracefully".; my attempt to look like a baby elephant;  was actually very convincing and a succes.

So much for "gliding" to the art exhibition; as I staggered towards the amulance.

I look forward to seeing the art exhibtion: "for no one has suffered for their art; as much as me"


by Anita Griffiths.

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