A Holiday Experience:

Seasonal Holidays:

I have to say the best holiday I have ever experienced was a weeks holiday in West Wales, in the seaside resort of Tenby.

Several of my family members and I went on this week long holiday to Tenby: we shared a three bedroomed apartment; there was also TV, so I was pleased.  Our appartment was over looking the beach at Tenby and the sea coast, also surrounding woodlands; filled with birds and wildlife.

As soon as we had unpacked we all agreed we wanted to experience the sand on our feet and between our toes. We all made our way down to the beach and scrunched through the dry sand with our feet: grains of sand were hot underfoot, as the sun beat down in glorious rays along the beach.

We ventured further down the beach and into the sea; the sea was luke warm on this very hot day in Summer. Remarking to others of my crowd;"look you can stand up to your knees and still see your feet in the sea water". The others in our party agreed with me, the sea water was so clear and not polluted by industry at all.

Looking back at the beach and to either side of this small bay was surrounding woodland; there were many types of bird prelevant there also varied wildlife.

You could see that cut into both sides of the beach and amongst the woodland  track had been carved out: where people coulld walk amongst the woodland slopes of pine, fir and oak tree. swooping seagulls were evident too, but these seagulls mainly swooped down at the ocean, hoping to catch a fish maybe!

Venturing off the beach area now and walking towards the East of Tenby; we came across a small restaurant, on the outskirts of Tenby. Commenting how much real fresh air we had enjoyed, we all agreed fish or cold meat salads were in order. Of course and a big pot of tea, which we all enjoyed, followed by some ice-cream. Having eaten our fill, we decided to have a walk around Tenby for a few hours: we had a bit of shopping to do, floats, armbands, beach ball, surfboards and not forgetting the beach mats.

As we were staying for a week we thought it might be expiedient of us; to shop at one of the local supermarkets for grocceries and get a couple of taxi's back to the appartment. I also bought myself a straw hat, to keep me cool and to protect me from the sun.

Returning to the appartment with all the shopping did not take very long and the sun continuing to shine; as indeed it did the whole week we were there: we decided to have a barbeque.

One of our party was very good at cooking on a barbeque so we all left the cooking to him; whilst we all arranged the buffet to go with it and of course long, cool drinks.

By the time we had consumed the barbequed food and with the sun eventualy setting we drank the cool drinks and soon felt sleepy. What with the heat of the day, paddling, a long walk and shopping also all the fresh air and hot sunshine we had inhailed, it all had a sleepy effect on us.

Tommorrow my nieces' had promised to show me how to bodyboard on the open sea.One consolation was that you lay on the board, not standing as in surfing.

The rest of the sun drenched week passed very pleasantly; but after many years of no holidays, this first day of my family holiday I remember very well, as the sheer beauty of the place intoxicated the person.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside. Good company on holidays is a must too. Great holiday. Thanks mum and family.

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