Gardening In Summertime:



After the planting of the seeds during the Spring time: we eargerly await a plentifull harvest for the Summer time. Whether these crops we are awaiting bloom forth on small holdings, allotments, back gardens or farmland.

There is always an abundance of crops during the Summer. I recall how as a child, with my even younger sister Janet helping me; we would fill large mixing bowls full of fresh fruit from my grandparents garden.

Often we would pick elderberries for tea; strawberries and raspberries to eat as we picked and to make into tarts or crumbles, or sometimes eat with ice-cream. Gooseberry we made into a preserve, this mixed with rhubarb was one of my grans favourites.

Taking dillegent care whilst, we gathered long and broad beans, not to tread on any of the salad crop close by.

My brother made an excellent job of cultivating the varied salad crops. We produced really tasty salads too; not for us to wait in shoppingl queues for prodcue that was days old.

Looking back and remanicing the homegrown food we ate was some of the tastiness food I have ever eaten.

I think an increasing number of people are turning their hands to gardening to supplement low wages, and are probably tasting some of the best food ever. These reasons for growing your own food may seem quite dire; but I think many gardeners are also just keen to produce healthy and nourishing food.

Historically throughout time; for the average family to keep a vegetable patch was absolute necessary: as as long ardous hours at work just did and still does not secure a living wage.

Late Summer to early Autumn; there is usualy through religious organizations holding a Harvest Festival. Many people donate surplus fresh crops to a Chapel or Church: this makes for a wonderfull, mouth watering display of locally grown fruit and vegetables. After blessing the crops, the fruit and vegetable would be disbersed to needy causes localy e.g. the orphange, the hospital, old age pensioners etc.,.

On today's level horticulture has been taken to another level: with high intensity crops; genetically modified crops, and all grown all year round, I think it all lacks something, by enlarge this todays produce could taste better. The food industry seems to have sacrificed the "taste" of food.

The first crop growers are very likely to have been women. Who took their food waste, including seeds of fruits and ears of wheat and other wild grasses to their communal garbage tip. It is recorded that where they threw the waste, it decomposed and some of the seeds in it grew amongst this decomposing organic fertilizer. 

By reproducing this act of decomposition and dropping the seeds in it and watching them grow: also by matching like seeds in rows; was the beginning of gardening, their "vegetable patch their "vegetable patch", which helped subsidized their "hunter gathers" diet.

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Vegetable patches and farming all good stuff. What is your favourite dish? My favourite is roast (differing meats) with roast and steamed vegetables, followed by gateau (any flavour).

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