Thoughts About April Fools Day:

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April Fools Day is not a day I like to celebrate and I dearly wish that the pranksters jokes would backfire on them. The odd outrageous tale; fool's errand or verbal joke I can just about tolerate. However, the practical joke pranksters I cannot tolerate: this is because practical jokes have a habit of hurting the person they are intended for.

The practical jokers victim's usualy hurt or thoroughly humiliated and inconvenienced. 

All Fools day origin is a bit distant in history to track with any accuracy.

When of school age five to 18 years of age; every year there would be jokers ready with their prelayed practical jokes e.g. glue on the seat of the teacher's chair and the all time favourite a metal waste bin filled with water balanced on top of the door. Sometimes this caught an unaware teacher, occasionaly the well laid plan soaked an unexpected late student. 

Although a supposed occasion for much laughter and merriment; I refused to join in and always failed to see the funny side of the "joke". The unfortunate victim always looked that; a very victimized person.

Personaly I was always glad mid-day had arrived and the pranksters would give up playing bad jokes and tall tales; and or else they would appear the victim, with the joke backfiring on them.

I always refused to help out with the practical jokes. 

Over the years I think April's Fool day has become less important to celebrate: at school, college or work places. The full aim of All Fool's day being to descriminate against those who are considered unpopular; became a day not to tolerat and or celebrate.. Especialy in times that advocate equality and non descrimination.

In previous centuries, the jester was elected from the general throng of people, even Kings, and could do as they liked as elected Jester until mid-day: this was known as the "Lord of Missrule" 

This custom always seemed to say to me that a Jester can be elected to rule, from amongst quite ordinary people: this to counteract the strict theology of the Church - that everyone has their place in society or all will be Missrule and Chaos. Rather than being in favour of electing a leader through politic and greater rights  evolved for the ordinary person; resulting in less hardship and less chaos.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Nevermind the elections are coming up soon and a referendum.