RING 101



At the hate crime poster, I stare.

Ringing retort! Urge me to dial and report!

Am I doing right to even care?

This blatant. intolerant attack: IS a hate crime of sort.

To make sense of this crime, I must ring and dare.

Enough of this abusive sport!!

At my expense; even if life is unfair.

It is time these culprits were caught.

Quick before this situation turns into despair.

Yes to report them, I ought.

Such outrage I should not have to bare.

These assailants, to court were brought.

Tried and imprisoned for such insulting behaviour.

Wittnesses and victims of hate crime, sought.

Let Justice be the snare, RING 101 if you care.

Author's Notes/Comments: 


My opinion of unecessary hate crimes perpertrated and if life is to be so unjust, reach for that phone and seek redress and report those tormentors. My message also in a  anti- hate crime project I have recently been involved in, localy here in Wales.


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True !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Writing is better than fighting

Brighter than Diwali lighting

Swingier than music lilting

Be silent & you'll begin wilting Smile




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Ring 101



Thanks for your uplifting message bishu.




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Woe to those crimes committed

Woe to those crimes committed from which we can walk away unharmed.- John Wieners

Long days and pleasant nights


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Hate Crimes

A topic near to my soul right now. But time brings justice and your work to end it is a fine endeavor. Best wishes from across the big pond - Lady A



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Ring 101



Thank you for your encouragement, much appreciated allets.