The Polluted Pathway


A footpath I travel.

At the dog and paper litter I marvel.

Can't they see the problems they make.

Of ill health and rodents I do not fake.

The footpath goes downhill.

So too the standards of that hill.

Many years ago such lack of standards would be unthinkable.

Litter problems surmount and are unsinkable.

How to combat such pollution?

What oh! what is the solution?

Bins, signs and fines have thought to be the answer.

But still the litterers gather.

Spreading their garbage on the way.

Whilst taking their route via this by way.

Maybe prison is the deterrent.

To pollution making errant.

Author's Notes/Comments: 


My thoughts regarding the environment some people are abusing locally nearby where I live.

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TheShadowKnows's picture

I find people who liter

I find people who liter idiotically disrespectful to everyone around them... It really boils my blood. They ought to get decked in the face everytime they drop so much as a cigarette butt.

a.griffiths57's picture

    I know well that feeling,



I know well that feeling, thanks for your comment most appreciated.