A Frosty Dawn

A Frosty Dawn


The piercing cold and frosty dawn.

Car tops covered with icy sheen.

Where has everywhere gone?

Underfoot the scrunch of where frost has been.


The garden lawns a silver white prism.

Reaching far into the suns rays.

White coated and silver speckled, moving lissom.

A spectacular translucent show, it arrays.


Everywhere and everything frost dust coated.

Watching the frost glitter in the daylight.

Frozen blood red berries pecked by passing birds, goaded.

Dripping evergreen leaves, all water tight.


All too soon the sun melts the frost.

And the glittering show has thawed.

Nothing left of the sparkling boast.

So I am left full of wonder and awed.

Author's Notes/Comments: 


I love to watch the changing of the seasons.

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