The Living Fallen Star



The Living Fallen Star

The fallen Star left it's heavenly trail.

As it descended to earth and fell at my feet.

Upon this sandy shore and at my sandeled feet; the fallen star had lost it's sparkle.

Transformed into a sea creature, delicatedly designed and marked; but a star it remained.

Patiently the star awaited the glisteninng lunar tide.

Impatiently I plucked the sandy star from above the shoreline and walked with it to the illuminated waves.

Releasing the star to a watery habitat and at my immersed feet; I saw the crest fallen,

sandy star return to life.

Readily, the streaming star moved and glistened amongst the seabed's scene.

by Anita Griffiths

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Composed poetic story!

I love it! Being Scot, we do love a great tale...and You

Being from Wales know to be a story teller.

After all it's in the blood 

( Keep at your art classes too. Writing and art are superb choices to enjoy!)

I enjoyed this piece very much!


Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....



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Wow!  This is exquisitely

Wow!  This is exquisitely beautiful.


[* /+/ ^]

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The Fallen Star

Thanks starward your comment is much appreciated.

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The Fallen Star

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my poem I appreciate your constructive comment on my work at this poem , tri&d.

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Beautiful !!!

Beautiful !!! Thank you for the colourful stars.I got lost.



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The Fallen Star

Thank you for reading and leaving your positive comment bishu much appreciated.

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The Magic Of Stars

The transformation was marvelous to experience. You could hear the sound of waves in this poem. I thought of starfish attached, like everything else, to the universe. Lovely writing -allets-




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Fallen Star



Stars are magic their appearence and disapperaence. Thank you for reading and commenting on my work, it was a pleasure to write and your comment is very much appreciated allets. Thanks.