Cold Embrace:

Emily's feelings toward her lover was an enraged embrace.

How could he be unfaithfull to her?

Never questioning her own infidelity!

!I have heard how you have betrayed me, with another lover.

Emily's frosty glaze and perfunctionary icy attention to her lover.

Made him stare and start; brought an abrupt end to his affectionate attentions, towards Emily.

Not knowing how to explain his duplicity and embarrased by his own clumsy efforts of loving affection.

He looked on as her rage errupted, whilst his quick retreat was accompanied by a valuable, but breaking vase.

Emily felt so much better at the traitors exit and the the broken vase.


Anita Griffiths

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Dramatic & Poignant

Mutual infidelity - can put a stain on a relationship alright. The vase broken was a nice brush stoke. Read 3x - magnetic! - allets -



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Cold Embrace


Thanks allets, I love writing these little scenes and I am glad that you liked it too. Much appreciated allets.