Cooking Collective

Cooking makes the world unite!

Aren't we all full of national pride.

Our natiional cusine is varied:

until the waist line is tight.

Now how to disguise the tremmolous waist line, where to hide?


About the desserts and double helpings.

Just can't stop so I lied!!

A fitness routine is what I am requiring.

Where to start? brisk walkingI cried!!


Brisk walking, alright I'll give it a go.

Today everybody is weighed and again on completion of the circuits we'll do.

Must look like I'm rushing for a bus.


I hope: and what weight Ioss I may have gained.


The big moment! may it be full of little larger or smaller  gains.

Oh!what a right reject I look but 5lbs I have shed.

From all this excersise, I reveled in the pain.

5lbs of cellulite shed:did I recall or was it that altered state of mind called dreaming; whilst I was abed.






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lCollective Cooking:

Yes that's what I think ,the bother everybody is in, but food and cookery competitions will put it alright. What on earth cannot all of a sudden be possible on a full stomach.  Collective competitive Cookery, just great!! Many ideas flow and are given support to become reality; in a collective we all are and through trade and commerce and all have international links in having so much choice  and what type of communications they want/need.

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a delightful read, i needed

a delightful read, i needed it right now.  it's good to celebrate small victories :)

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Thanks for your support,

Thanks for your support, getting well but slowly, thank you for your care and concern bishu.

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Food always attracts me :)

Best wishes Respected Unseen friend