Lottery Win:


To win the lottery would be wonderful.

To be a billionaire would be debonaire.

Everything would be blissful.

And the lack of money no longer a nightmare.

Why pity the rich having a bad time.

While directly and indirectly they are the boss.

Same problems but would give an awfull lot to make it mine.

No wonder so many living in a doss and at a total loss.

To purchase the winning ticket.

Would be the ultimate experience.

So much to encounter; so I'll submit it.

And with much publicity claim my wining entrance.

The world would be mine and the trappings of the rich.

Many a house would I buy; a car and chaufer.

Gardeners, cooks and butlers also, life would be a cinch.

Ventures to embark upon and hobbies to confer.

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You Forgot

the plane and the yacht; as homes away from homes. :D



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    To right i'd have a dozen



To right i'd have a dozen of each of those too.