Unrequired Opinion.


Who sought your opinion?

Be quiet , why don't you there!

Fine chance of Independence for Wales.

Don't even dream of it.

Or what? you'll silence me?

Or have the English silence me?

That's your all , "traditions";

As history is recorded in Wales.

The Welsh history in Wales is:

Indeed a traitorous cause.

We take pride in the disappearence ;

Of the Independent citizens  and Wales.

For shame on you all!

And out of our country, you all.

To systematically destroy our country;

Habitually destroying our democracy.

One day, and soon, mark my words:

I'll look around and you all would have gone!

Simply disappeared, like worn out your feasability:

And very decidedly vanished, rubbed out.

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The blame is in our stars

and inability to name the name

of one who would destroy us.

Extreme option number one:

banishment. Extreme option number

two: vanishment.


All in all, the sentiment is moot,

the basement concrete can become

hammered open and bigger

automatic action can be

liberated for the response

as extreme option number three.








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