How does your garden grow?

A Summers Day

With meadow flower, blooming far and wide.

Is how my garden grows.

Best seeds available, for that green fertile lawn.

That's how my garden will grow.

I'd summon up my gardener full of implaccable advice.

Under who's guidance the garden would flourish!

As I sit in a shady alcove, the butler would bring the drinks.

The lawn an immaculate green, alternated finish.

So I'd dream away my life; but take care of life for today.

To build real dreams, good foundations lay.

Maybe even a conservatory full of exotic blooms.

And on an interior hammock I'd spend the day.

Light musik would fill the air.

Whilst I'd while away the day.

I'd snooze and never have a care.

And dream of a hot exotic bay.


Author's Notes/Comments: 



A persons dreams are important, I think they are a release from stress and much mental ill health.

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Kornelia's picture

Any visit to these gardens,

Any visit to these gardens, be it real or dreamt reality

Amongst these flowers Id be

Very vivid, a poem of the senses

much enjoyed



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How does your garden grow:

Thanks Kornelia for stopping to read my poem and also leave a comment. I am glad you enjoyed the poem and my effort, much appreciated.

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I Love Gardening Flowers

The wide stretch of green dappled by color is indeed dreamy and a place to while away time. A great dreamscape, Anita! - ttyl - Lady A -




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How does your garden grow:

Thanks for the vote in favour of my poem, love to hear your opinion as you  know alltes. My dream is important to me. What is your ideal life?