April Fools Day

Seasonal Holidays:


Along came the day and with increasing dread.

The pranksters out with traps that scared.

Tall tales told about timid and bold.

Smirking smiles of minds that are cold.

Stiffled merriment as victim approaches.

The water spills, he is full of reproaches.

Now soaked, what can he do?

Bear and grin and assume good humour too!

For April Fools day is here and you are a fool.

The jester congratulates he who "fell in the pool".

Others are much mirth and laughter, isn't it cool?

Their mindset of fearing to appear the fool.

Missrule may end at mid - day.

But I'm in a wet suit all day.

How to make them pay?

Extra  homework for the end of the day.

And all to set before mid-day.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

April fool's day - i don't know about you but this is not one of my favourite days.

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KindredSpirit's picture

I liked it

You must be a teacher.

 The favourite word out there

Is fool and I don't mean u.

U got the first one out.

I dont know if I'll believe anything tomorrow.

a.griffiths57's picture

 I am glad you took interest


I am glad you took interest in my poetry, would like to have been a teacher, but I am not. The usual pranks laid with malice and much desrimination. Oh my what have I said. What fun! Your time is much appreciated kindred spirit.




bishu's picture

Very Nice Ma'am !!!

Almost forgot about All Fools Day Laughing Thanks for the reminder through nice poetry. The kind hearted shepherd was indeed the messiah of love inspite of the hatred flung on him. He taught tolerance,forgiveness and universal love. What pain He must have suffered. Nailed to a cross bleeding to death with pain and hunger. No ordinary man could tolerate this.No wonder his love for the commoners brought him back for another earthly visit .... May JC's kind soul rest in eternal happy peace. We do Him great wrong by not understanding / following The Testaments. Let's rejoice on Easter Saturday... I doubt whether another JC will be born. So many Good Ladies & Gentlemen have walked the Earth as humans. They came and went leaving timeless legacies. But who really cares ?? A paltry candle or incense stick is all we offer and a wee bit of our time from our "busy" schedules. Sorry for speaking long Bye Be Well Be Happy ~b~



a.griffiths57's picture

April Fools Day

Thank you for your kind words bishu much appreciated.