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In my ideal world; computer technology would be more efficiently deployed and consumer convenience a priority. A good example on which to draw some comparisons is the local health industry: an industtry that is historically reknown to be stressfull.

Everyone who uses a computer at my local hospital; is busy being a "receptionist": there is no co-ordination from one department to another to co-late the patients health information or needs.

Drawing on personal experience; a patient, for example is expected to personaly take their E.C.G. results from the E.C.G. department back to the earlier visited Psychiatric department. Instead of the results being entered onto the patients computerized file, at the E.C.G. department and via the computer, transfer the informatiion back to the Psychiatric unit. Would also have saved myself a long walk back to the Psychiatric unit and also worrying about the results, as I had taken the liberty to read the heart readings and consequently managed to upset myself.

On another occasion whilst attending a different clinic at the local hospital. I was amazed at the casualness of storing patients medical files in open boxes in a busy waiting room. I do not think that these casual arrangements are anywhere "secure or confidential": as they would be if they were put on the hospitals internal computerized system.

Recently I moved house and was looking up my local G.P.'s website; in order to advise them of my change of contact details. This search to my surprise proved unsucessfull. So I took the trouble to ring the local surgery, to inform them of my new address and telephone number. The receptionist advised me that I could not arrange a change of address over the phone and she could not post me the details, to fill in and return and e-mails were not accepted either. I had to attend the surgery in person to have my new contact details recorded, although it was not necessary for her to witness me signing the document!!

Again I remonstrated, where had the computer gone and what immense patient inconvenience to the patient. What happened about being able to arrange these changes in shedule, on my home computer/tablet. Or even arranging an appointment time and date on line, to visit my G.P. localy.

Some months previously my mother had an accident and broke her hip; she was in great pain.

An ambulance was called for, approximately 30 minutes later an ambulance arrived. The ambulance crew were efficient and helpfull; they had to administer a strong painkiller to ease her servere pain.

On arrival at the local hospital, my mother was not immediately admitted to Accident and Emergency department. In fact it was only after some considerable delay, numbering some hours was my mother finally admitted.

I would like to know why the use of computerized technology, on board the amulance; was not introduce: in order to be able to relay to the local hospital all the relevant data regarding health checks and medication administered to the patient, whilst in transit. So when the patient arrives at the hospital, there is no delay in the patient being admitted. Following this co-ordinated computerized  procedure, it would cause less delay also, to the ambulances  being despatched to other emergencies.

We are in the computer age: with existing computers in the above services ; being organized for customer convenience and efficency all these health services would be improved and not cost more in budgets, or cause more unemployment.

These services operating more efficiently would also cause less stress to patients and health workers alike.

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