Undismayed Orpheus Played

learned from the bards of antiquity
in the extreme limits of Hades
hear howling in Tartaros
suffer deeply in this pitiful abyss

beneath the underworld
exposed souls like refugees descending
disappear within the course of boundaries
segregated for reckless crime
pant emerge from burning lung
flames of the red in vain

all myths gravitate
to gravity
lost identity
creating complexity
within periphery diminished
at the point of a barb

stars sizzle before order
perfectly, pre-set accept firm array

Orpheus presents himself before the throne
Aïdes hardhearted king and his consort Persephone,
Undismayed Orpheus play your entrancing melody

Sing for Eurydice, beautiful Eurydice,

even Furies shed tears and stop their persecution
Orpheus fills your woes to the sound of the lyre
this darkened place of torture and fearful prosecution
heavenly music arrest the torments of sufferer

stone of Sisyphus remains still
Tantalus forget your thirst
wheel of Ixion do not turn or burn

move Eurydice into the upper world
follow Orpheus ascend the steep and gloomy path
was his beloved wife really behind him
until the fatal glance

Orpheus now with music as your only consolation
he dies of a broken heart and a broken lyre
at the wild rites of Dionysus
Muses collect him beneath Mount Olympus bid his burial

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Love the Greek Myths and Legends

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I love the Greek myths and legends too but more so the way you

Bring them to life! Wonderful! 9ty

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