I gave in again 

Trying to control my circumstances

I forget it can never be done 

I lie in bed 

Thinking of the millions of reasons

To fall asleep forever 

I keep trying to listen for You

Searching for you in the dark 

I’m abandoned on this boat 

A hurricane of emptiness 

Stormy waters crashing in

These waters have run my life 

Full of broken memories

Of a depression I harbored 

Helm this disaster I’ve made for myself

I rely on Your constant wind

A wind of hope

Help my boat jibe 

To the direction I don’t want to go

O Lord, don’t make me go 

I’m looking around me

Predators are near 

Born out of my anxiety 


Stand still 


Looking at compass of Your promise 

I desperately hold on to it 

Help me find my way

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Be Your Own Compass


Better your damaged direction giver than someone else's.