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All the Food is Poison

The food we eat is engineered

to make us sick

and fat, bloated

and lethargic


The food we eat is poison,


And its a wonder why your knee

feels like its about to fall apart


Blame it on the corn and the soy,

on the hormone laden meat,


Blame it on ((Them))

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That's a Man

You've been watching gay porn

all this time

and didn't even realize it


That woman your watching

hiding behind all that makeup

is actually a dude

that had its weiner chopped off


The truth shall set you free;

God bless, Jesus saves.

Author's Notes/Comments: 
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Red Herrings and Scapegoats

The alt right media

throws red herrings at you 

such as "Feminism" "liberalism"



They redirect all the attention to leftist

things to keep you off the scent of the true



Similary with the left media,

they use the red herring of trump

to get you to focus all your energy and hate

on that one entity


They always pick a scapegoat for you to focus on

so that you don't focus on "they" who pull the strings

and cause all the problems of the world. 



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Who is the real enemy? and What is their agenda?

Watching tv is a waste of time. Stop buying into the left/right narrative. Stop voting for frauds. 

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I'm Confused

Seeing a man,

seeing a woman


Perception changing

with the change of makup


Unkowingly desiring

that which you are


Being propgrammed with the false



Seeing a man,

seeing a woman

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A man can never be a woman despite how much they try to disguise themselves and tricking you into thinking they are one.

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