Comforters and Bedspreads - The Designer Ranges

No doubt comforters and bedspreads began as animal skins used to keep out the cold in prehistoric times. They have been made of such beautiful quilting that they are now considered to be an art form in their own right. Nowadays we have central heating, but the duvet and bedspread nevertheless do good service keeping us warm and adding a lot to our bedroom decor.

If you are keen about designer brands you might realize that the brand new ranges of bedding are all of a high quality and with new, fresh styling. Tommy Hilfiger's All American set has a lot of comforters and bedspreads which will bring lots of colour to a bedroom. It is a very feminine kind of bedding that will appeal to women of those who enjoy large blossom designs which remind one a summer holiday in full bloom.

The surprising thing about this bedding will be that on the reverse side you have Ithaca blue stripe which provides you quite good value for your money as you get two quite attractive but contrasting appearances!

It's a very smart looking fresh idea and will make your bedding directly up-to-date. By contrast, the Ralph Lauren Poet's Society set has a very rich and exotic appearance which comprises a totally amazing comforter at a Persian rug print filled with dark purples, deep lavender and pink colors. Visit here for more information about this topic.

It is a really exotic and unusual use of design which looks very lavish and the matching sheets have a smart pin stripe design which balances the look perfectly. If you like a costly and opulent look for your bedding that this collection will suit you very nicely.

Martha Stewart never disappoints and her most recent set of fresh-looking comforters and bedspreads isn't any exception. The Stenciled Leaves comforter is a gentle refreshing green coated in an elaborate figured foliage pattern in a lighter tone. It's a really soothing shade for bedding and just right for attracting an atmosphere of serenity to your bedroom. The fitting white sheets have been finished very prettily using Broderic lace.

My final choice comes in the Colonial Hill bedding collection from Tommy Bahama and it's a bedspread featuring an ivory background almost completely covered by a traditional design guessed floral design in navy. It looks very lavish and sharp at exactly the identical time and that I believe that matching comforters and bedspreads in this style would create an extremely sophisticated and elegant ambiance in your bedroom.

And the scope is available in number of sizes such as California king. If you need your comforters and bedspreads to become California king size, then don't forget that you can come across an extremely broad array of this bedding at the J.C. Penney store on the web! Should you proceed directly to the California king range, it will spare you the chance of picking bedding which you absolutely love just to find that they don't do it in that size!

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