Dreaming of you..

I dream to be..with you right there..kiss your shoulders..I would dare..Kiss across your back you see..your head would fall..I believe..Put my hands..touching them down..all over you..lightly will will love it..give you chills..Kiss on down..on your back..take it it slower..Make you nice and love inside..will be a storm..Feel your backside..rub on what you do..Feel your smooth and soft..taste you there..get you off..Take you slow..all the way..say you love I play..Its your I soft and I need..Your like a darling, beauty..your everything..your such a cutie..I love your eyes..lips and nose..your fine hair..I want to hold..I dream to lay your right love wont hide..Let you have..all you love will you feed..I will never..hold back from you..its your love..Im into..All of you..I want and love for you..comes from my core..Deep in you..I will do..set you free..all over me..I will give you..all my love..every drop..never stop..Just to kiss you..hold you tight..give you it right..That is how..I will love will love me too..Love you down..all the way..say I love you..everyday..Its your love..I dream of right there..I want to do..

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Flower in the night..

Your a flower in the night..its when you bloom..make it right..your feelings run..out your tips..your little fingers..just like whips..To let all you feel..all inside you..thats the deal..We want to have you..near to us..we dream of what we do..You the lady..that moves us so..we want inside feel your soul..You keep us guessing..all the see you smile..makes my day..Your tender ways..I have to say..makes me want you..its what you do..I look at your take you surprise..just to touch you..feel you to..I dream of what I do..Like the the come alive..and make me high..

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Impure Imperfection

I’m not sure where he came from;

Could he be—

Just a mere figment—

A mirage in the calm of a sand storm?

That figure I long to see— in the distance—

Now in front of me.

It’s imperfect—my love for him.

Obsession as it grows, unhealthy;

As that is what love is—

Impure imperfection.

I long for those lips—

Pressing up against mine—

Knuckles running along my side—

Fingers tangled within my hair—

Eyes intensely burrow into my soul—

My legs wrapping around his torso.

Imperfect comfort is found here,

As love flows through my extremities.

Lying next to me is he—

The man I’ve longed to see.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written on 6/10/2010

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passion, dripping from the moon

sends sparks into the sky

your strong and smouldering touch on me

will make the fires ignite

the flames are lighting up the dark

they burn into the night

they write my pain with every burst

but their brilliance soon takes flight

i scream your name

it's not the same

my cries fall on deaf ears

the moth is drawing near the flame

and soon will disappear ...

another time, another place

when fires ignite once more

and until then

i'm safely in

locked behind my door.

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The light dims,

Camouflaging with the light in your eyes...


I feel you...

Rough, soft, friction...


Clenching the sheets

In both of my hands

You gently glide your fingertips across my body


Heavy breathing

Your body over mine

I touch your chest

Lightly rippling under my palms

Powerful touch

Sensual lips against mine

I feel you...

Hovering, sweating, quivering

In deep...


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Lovers (an acrostic)

Lips communicate wordlessly;

one silhouette merged from two.

Vowels unspoken, yet heard.

Ecstasy awaits the sounds of

rose petaled sheets, as they...

slide to the floor.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

an Acrostic poem

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A Different Experience

The Sexy Stuff

As I look into your eyes,

You reveal your soul to me.

Unlocking your inner beauty,

And setting your mind free.

I start to feel the intensity

as I gaze with a stern face.

Can you feel me? Or am I eluding you

As if we were in a high speed chase.

Slowly our bodies start to unwine,

And the candles continue to burn;

Our hearts will unite and all souls will combine,

His clothes then drop and my body starts to turn.

I moan as he embraces my body;

And my legs start to contract.

Is this boy feeling naughty,

Or do i love to react.

As passion begins to fill the air,

The lust between us intensifies.

Groans of sensual pain come as he pulls my hair,

Leaving my body fragile enough to die.

"Who am I to ease her pain,"

He thinks as he massages my temple.

"And from this what can I gain,"

He thinks as he pulls me close to cuddle.

"Can I whisper in your ear,"

He says rubbing his pelvis against mine.

"Losing you is my biggest fear."

I will give him time, and his love will shine.

-Yung Zoul

Author's Notes/Comments: 

doesnt it make your spine tingle

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our bodies

your touch makes me shake

and my heart beat so fast

your kisses make me melt

and never want to leave

your hugs make me feel so comfortable

its so hard to resist kissing you

my body feels so weak with your

your i cant reisist but to fall again

but this doesnt even feel like falling

it feels like im flying

i want to give you my body

and i want to have yours

i know our first time will be so intense and amazing

will be both never forget

and itll repeat every time

because our bodies belong to each other

ill never let you go

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I will be your Angel.

I will be your guide.

You can reach out for me.

You do not need to hide.

I see you peeking 'round the corner...

Hesitant to approach...

afraid that what you will display,

might bring rejection and reproach...

But remember, I'm your Angel.

I am not here to judge.

I'm here to lift you up

and fill your heart with love.

There is a light that shines within

A light that shines for you

Do not be afraid my love

You know just what to do...

When someone offers you their heart...

their love, and their trust...

it's natural to be afraid

but follow me you must.

I'll lead you to a safe place

Where you can work it through

All the anger, all the fear

that lives inside of you.

You can work through all the heartache...

all the loss and all the pain.

You will regain control with me.

Feel the cleansing rain.

I submit to you.

I trust you to

take what you need

to make you whole.

I'll envelope you in love

and receive your soul.

Place myself at your mercy

succumbing to your whims.

Your Angel will absorb it all...

and give it up to HIM.

I will be your slave

To dominate and torture

If that is what you need

To reclaim your stature.

I will take pleasure in the pain

You inflict upon my skin

Knowing it won't penetrate

My gentle heart within.

Knowing that you trust me

and love me till it hurts

It is something I can give you

To reaffirm your worth.

Your gifted with my trust and love

Allowing you to show

The darkest desires within you

That the world will never know.

It is not at all shameful

nor deviant of mind

It is beautiful in ritual

That seldom does one find

A place so free of judgement

A place so safe and warm

A place that is a haven

A shelter from life's storm

So take me and unleash your self

like you never have before

I can absorb it all

...and not be taken like a whore.

It is a gift... through love and trust.

Something only we possess.

What I will share with you is boundless

Put me to the test.

Tie me up, pull my hair, spank me if you must

Tell me the things you dare not speak... I ask you for your trust.

Punish me for their sins

Release the darkness that you hide.

Let me take your pain away...

Restore your rightful pride.

Take me, Make me, Do the things

You wish for in the night

Let me take you're darkest wish

And fill it with my light.

When the evening fades to morn, and silently we lay...

Hold me tight and whisper that you've finally found your way.

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