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reality can be forgotten
but artificial can stay within
its better than the real things
its different and of course it will end
although i want it again and again
a sense of gain is what i thought
i feel more powerful than before
where did this come from?
it just pores and pores and pores
from my eyes i can see whats not
but i feel theres chills all over
from my head down to my very toes
how does this play the game?
i need to know so i can be the very same
i tell and tell and tell but this was my fault
i get scared of being alone and lost
lost in this unfamiliar world
my curiosity takes over
i dive in to get some more
these hallucinations call for some attention
so attention is what i sought
i fought them at first
but then i wanted to feel what they felt
and so that is what i got

Raeleyn S.