"Alistar in Underland"

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I fell down the rabbit hole, 

Such a time, a time ago,


And I've been falling, through the floor,

Way, way past the tiny door.

Until not long ago I'd found,

That I finally hit the ground.


As I stood to arise,

I was in Underland to my surprise. 

A topsy-turvy place was this,

A madly perfect stark abyss.


So I turned right back to go,

Finding the door locked, so.


I was trapped!


My started to race,

Along at to fast a pace.

I turned right 'round to go,

Finding the door locked so


I felt my self shaking,

My head was quaking,

Making such a din,

A crying sin was this society I steped in.


The Cheshire Cat all too real,

His presence I could almost feel,

From above watching down,

Bearing his, famous frown.


To this party, invited I was not.

Around the table, for me, No spot!

I only wanted tea, Hatter and company.

Why thank you for the cup of jealousy!


Then along I walked instead.

Until I heard: "Chop of his head!"

It was the lovely Queen of Hearts,

Playing croquet and eating tarts.


Of the latter, to me, made the offer,

You know very well I couldn't stop her.

Figures with her I'd fit,

Wonderland's biggest misfit...