Defend the Second Amendment!

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Capitalism Sucks! If Trayvon Martin Had a Gun Maybe He Would Still Be Alive Today. Defend the Second Amendment!

An essay by Wolf Larsen


(Wolf Larsen speaks only for himself, and is not a member of any organization.)


If Trayvon Martin had a gun maybe he would still be alive today, and maybe racist scumbag George Zimmerman would be dead instead. Not that I like irresponsible bloodshed, but it's obvious fists are inadequate for self-defense. According to George Zimmerman's own testimony, Trayvon Martin tried to defend himself with his fists, and look what happened to him.


What world are liberals living in? Black men need guns to protect themselves from racist thugs like George Zimmerman and Michael Dunn.


It's too bad that more black men didn't have the Second Amendment during the days when the Dixiecrats and their military wing the Ku Klux Klan ruled the South. Gun control laws are hazardous to the health of black men trying to defend themselves against racist violence.


The liberals tell us to rely on the police. What nonsense! In the South, many of the Ku Klux Klaners who wear white sheets during the night are rumored to wear blue police uniforms during the day. The police are the hired thugs of the racist capitalist system, which was founded by the slave owners and slave traders.


White supremacy is a far bigger threat than black nationalism. One need only look at history to see this. However, just as white thugs influenced by white supremacy are a danger to black man, the fact is black thugs influenced by black nationalism are also a threat to others.


The militant black nationalism of Malcolm X and the Black Panthers is gone. Although I have disagreements with Malcolm X and the Black Panthers, I myself feel respect for the legacy of Malcolm X and the Black Panthers. However, by the time I was a kid in the late 1970s black nationalism had deteriorated into a racist and sometimes violent ideology. Instead of blaming the racist system, many black nationalists began scapegoating whites, Jews, and Asians for their problems. Thugs influenced by black nationalism became very hostile to interracial couples, particularly when the woman was black and the man was white.


Whether white or black everyone must have the right to defend themselves.


Some white liberals make the mistake of comparing the likes of racist murderers Michael Dunn and George Zimmerman with Bernie Goetz. This comparison is very misleading! Bernie Goetz did not stalk a young black man like George Zimmerman did. Bernie Goetz was a captive audience of four thugs on a New York City subway car. Michael Dunn, on the other hand, could have simply gotten in his car and driven away. In addition, a group of four thugs were demanding money from Bernie Goetz, and when you factor in inflation the amount of money the thugs were demanding was far more than any panhandler would ever ask for. Finally, the behavior of the four thugs accosting Mr. Goetz was nothing like the demeanor of a panhandler. Bernie Goetz acted in self-defense, and originally received support from many members of the black community, until Rev. Al Sharpton (who wore a wire for the FBI) went into action against Bernie Goetz. Bernie Goetz acted in self-defense, unlike the racist murderers Michael Dunn and George Zimmerman.


Liberal attacks upon the Second Amendment increasingly echo the loss of civil liberties in the United States in the wake of The Patriot Act, NDAA, and NSA mass surveillance programs. In addition, throughout history as governments become increasingly totalitarian they seek to take away the people's right to bear arms.


Of course, many liberals scoff at the idea that the US government is totalitarian. But one out of four people in jail in the world is in jail in the USA, and black people have experienced four centuries of brutal racist oppression, and working class whites and Latinos have also experienced brutal oppression as well.


Perhaps this is why the Black Panthers defended themselves, or tried to defend themselves, with the Second Amendment. In addition, coal miners have walked the picket lines with the Second Amendment to defend themselves against violent company thugs, scabs, etc.


The liberal argument that we should rely upon trigger-happy police officers to protect us is based on the mistaken idea that the government is there to protect everybody. The government is there to protect the interests of the rich. The government doesn't give a damn about black people. Nor does the government care about working class whites. The police have traditionally oppressed black people, and are always attacking the picket lines of working class people of all races.


And now I must make something absolutely clear. I do not support cop killing. Sometimes both liberals and conservatives have cynically misrepresented the points of view of others on the subject.


To continue, periodically mentally ill individuals go on a rampage and kill innocent people. Liberals try to use these incidents to promote their agenda to eliminate the Second Amendment. But if people don't have the Second Amendment, than how can they protect themselves against mentally ill individuals going on a violent rampage? And often the police don't arrive until everybody's dead.


In cities across America one can observe that the police protect the people that live in upscale neighborhoods, while in working-class and especially poor neighborhoods the police act more like domestic armies of occupation. The police are not there to protect black men from violent racist thugs like George Zimmerman. Instead, the police are there to enforce the racist rule of American capitalism.


Of course, in the past police forces were filled with white cops who shot innocent black men in the back. Now, police forces have more black cops who pretty much do the same thing.


The election of Barack Obama changed nothing. As the leftist newspaper Workers Vanguard correctly pointed out, Barack Obama promised black people nothing and that's exactly what he's given them. (By the way, I encourage everyone to read the very informative Workers Vanguard,


Blacks and working-class whites should break from the Democratic Party. Working-class blacks, whites, and Latinos should unite to build a workers party. A workers party would defend the Second Amendment, and a workers party would fight against racist violence. A workers party would also fight for black equality, jobs for all regardless of race, doubling the minimum wage, equal rights for immigrants, free quality childcare for working women, equal pay for equal work, etc.


Working-class whites, blacks and Latinos must unite! It's important for working-class whites and Latinos to defend working-class blacks against racist violence. It is working-class unity across racial lines that made strong powerful unions possible. Strong powerful unions and working-class unity means better wages, benefits, job security, and better/safer working conditions.


Defend the Second Amendment! Remember Trayvon Martin! If Trayvon Martin had a gun maybe he would still be alive today.