Cold War Starts Up Again! Nuclear War Looms

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Capitalism Sucks! Cold War Starts Up Again! Nuclear War Looms!

By Wolf Larsen


Barack Obama and the Republicans have restarted the Cold War with Russia. Both Democrats and Republicans are saber-rattling over the Russian invasion of the Crimea.


I remember the old Cold War with the Soviet Union. Many liberals and conservatives both supported the previous Cold War. The Democrats engaged in Cold War saber-rattling just like the Republicans. And it was the Democrat John F. Kennedy that brought the world to the brink of nuclear holocaust during the Cuban missile crisis.


Barack Obama, the Republicans, and the American news media are trying to portray Russia as the sole aggressor here. However, expanding NATO to the very borders of Russia has no doubt increased tensions with Moscow. The expansion of NATO to Russia's border makes the United States and its Western European allies an aggressor too! Down with NATO! Defend Russia against NATO aggression! (Defending Russia against NATO expansion and American imperialist aggression does not entail one ounce of political support to the capitalist dictator in the Kremlin.)


The Baltic states such as Lithuania and Estonia, which used to form part of the Soviet Union, are now members of NATO. If Russia were to invade these countries the United States and Russia would be in a state of war. Perhaps, the increasing tensions right on Russia's doorstep may bring about a nuclear war.


I was at the Peace Museum in Hiroshima. I find it doubtful that the human race will survive a nuclear war between Russia and the United States. At any rate, civilization as we know it will cease to exist in the event of a nuclear war. And all of the people of Russia and the United States will be dead, except for the warmongering idiots in both countries who push the atomic button, because they have bunkers.


It is obvious that capitalist politicians and dictators cannot be trusted with the atomic bomb. Capitalism will eventually lead to World War III. The nuclear bombs are sitting there in the arsenals of Russia and United States waiting for the day when they will be used. It is only a question of time. Will there be a nuclear war this year, or a decade from now, or even 100 years from now? Eventually, the nuclear weapons will be used. And the human race will probably go extinct.


The American news media and the politicians of both political parties in Washington would have us believe that the dictator in the Kremlin is the enemy of the American worker. Not so! The enemy of the American worker is in Washington, and on Wall Street. It is the capitalist pigs and their prostitute-politicians that have brought misery to millions of American workers. Wages are stagnant, unemployment is still high, and the rich are richer than ever! And so many people have lost their homes in the wave of foreclosures from sea to shining sea. And electing a black president has done nothing to improve the lives of black workers, who are suffering even more than white workers!


More than ever, the American working class needs to throw out the garbage in both Washington and on Wall Street. It's time for the American working class to build its own political party – a workers party! A workers party will fight for peace!


And let us remember that it is completely hypocritical for American politicians and the news media to complain about Russia invading former areas of the Soviet Union, when in fact the United States has invaded countless countries itself! Most recently, the United States invaded Iraq and Afghanistan. And what about Vietnam? In fact, the United States stole half of Mexico! If the Washington politicians want Putin to give back the Crimea, perhaps Washington should give the Southwestern states back to Mexico!


Why do the politicians in Washington care about Ukraine anyway? The politicians in Washington and the American news media talk about the freedom of the Ukrainian people, but what about the freedom of the American people? One out of every four people in jail in the world is in jail in the USA! Plus the NSA surveillance apparatus is engaging in massive spying on the American people! Not to mention the Patriot Act, the war on drugs, and NDAA! All this talk about freedom for the Ukrainian people is nothing but a bunch of hypocrisy! In fact, this is about money! American corporations want Ukraine as a market for their goods, but Russian corporations want Ukraine as a market for their goods instead. This is economic competition, and economic wars lead to shooting wars!


It is not up to the politicians in Washington to throw out the garbage in the Kremlin. It is up to the Russian workers themselves to throw out the garbage in the Kremlin. It is up to the Russian working class to throw the Russian capitalist oligarchy in the garbage can.


It is clear that neither the Democrats nor the Republicans can be trusted with the atomic bomb. These capitalist politicians need to get a new job! If the Democrats believe that a minimum wage of $10 is sufficient, than let the Democratic politicians flip hamburgers for $10 an hour. If the Republicans believe that a minimum wage of $7 is sufficient, than let the Republican politicians flip hamburgers for $7 an hour.


To save the world from the eventual certainty of nuclear war, it is important that the working class seize power for itself in a workers revolution. Follow the road of Lenin and Trotsky! Those who labor must rule! And when the working class rules the world, and the world is socialist, the nuclear bombs of the world will be destroyed. And there will be no more wars. And the working class will live in prosperity and peace. Instead of bombs, there will be jobs. Jobs for everyone! And the minimum wage will be doubled! Under socialism there will also be free quality childcare, equal pay for equal work, free quality medical care, free higher education, good pensions, and affordable decent housing for all! When socialism rules the planet, not one dime will be spent on war and armaments.