Did I hit the nail in the hammer ?

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Myriad amounts of thoughts, feelings, attitudes come from the four letter word. Love isn’t a word to me anymore. It’s a rare gem entrenched in dirt and not a lot of people get to experience it, the pure and exact form at least. Love is a confusing word, trust me I’m not the only one who feels this way. Maybe not a confusing word, its definition is available to comprehend and interpret, but an abstruse action to execute. I think it’s the only word that signifies emotion but also has it. I know it sounds confusing, but you get it.  As painful as it might be, you get it. And those of you searching, she’ll find you, you’ll never find her.  What I’m trying to elicit here is you have to be careful with love.




It doesn’t sound to awful. At least to the people who claim they have it; to them, enjoy it. But to those people who’ve lost it. From it, those people who have been fooled in the pursuit. For those people who’ve had the taste of it on the tip of their tongue, the people who wanted to swallow it but never got it passed the state of digestion. I feel for you. You can’t get obsessive with it, let’s all agree on that. Love will cut you up if you smother her. People have this infatuation of asking: “Who’s the coldest bitch out there?” I’ll respond semi-charismatically: “That bitch love, she’s the coldest. She gets me so close, exposes me so open, by the time I realize her effects. I’m gone.” I’m being objective I swear. But you have to admit; the son of a bitch is duplicitous.