Capitalism Sucks!

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Capitalism Sucks!

by Wolf Larsen


There's too much war. There's too much poverty. There's too much unemployment. There's too much homelessness. There's too many people working their butts off for low wages. Meanwhile the capitalist pigs are getting richer than ever.


Walk down the streets of America. What do you see? Lots of misery! While the capitalist pigs got bailouts much of the rest of the population got royally screwed. So many people lost their jobs, and then they lost their homes. Others are losing their pensions. Wages are stagnant, while corporate profits are up up up!


Sadly, more women than ever are engaging in informal prostitution to supplement their meager incomes. Before the latest economic crisis it was common enough to see pretty young women with their sugar daddies in the more affluent parts of any major city. But now with this economic crisis it's quite common to see pretty young women with sugar granddaddys. It's sad. But a lot of young women feel that they don't have a choice. They have rent and mortgages to pay, and they don't want to join the legions of homeless begging in the streets.


A lot of people still can't find a job. A lot of employed people are having trouble paying their bills with the low wages they receive. The unequal distribution of wealth just keeps getting worse and worse. For example, a few members of the Walton family (who own Walmart) have more money than the poorest 30 percent of Americans combined. And Walmart workers struggle to get by on minimum wage.


There are many homeless on the streets of American cities. And yet many condominiums and houses are empty. This is the inefficiency and insanity of the capitalist system.


The number of closed factories is so high that the American Midwest is known as the "rust belt".


It is time to rebuild America. Capitalism just doesn't work for us anymore, or rather it only works for the rich. In the second half of the nineteenth century and the first half of the twentieth century the bourgeoisie invested the money to help build factories. But now the bourgeoisie damages the economy with their endless speculative schemes (like derivatives & junk bonds). The bourgeoisie take all the endless profits they make from our labor and they hide it in places like the Cayman Islands. America is becoming a shell of its former self, because of the endless greed of the bourgeoisie.


Under socialism the USA will would be rebuilt. Massive amounts of money will be injected into infrastructure and new industry, and everyone will have the right to a job. The minimum wage will be substantially increased. Quality medical care will be free for all. Women will be paid equal wages for equal work, and there will be free quality childcare for working women. Under socialism, the ill begotten wealth of the bourgeoisie will be confiscated, and the bourgeoisie will have to get a job!


The first step toward socialism is to build a workers party. Forget about the Democrats and the Republicans – the politicians of both political parties are basically prostitutes of the bourgeoisie.


Those who work must rule! America needs a workers revolution.