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Our Government took us on an illegal war,
for Money, Oil and a whole lot more
these evil bastards went off with plenty to be beleaguered,
they made family watch their loved ones die, sorry a lie actually they were slaughtered
they say they are fighting a war against drugs in Afghanistan,
the truth is they are stealing it so they can make as much as they can
they dont give a fuck about collateral damage,
as long as the media make plenty of money from the coverage
do you know its all controlled by rich old men who inflict contrecoup,
and we all know who that is, they are the Bilderberg group
they use fake created money to pull the strings of the masses,
and they dont care how dark they go whilst indulging in converse
so its not just our Government its yours and theirs,
that's right you've guessed it they choose and own all common shares
but dont worry it doesnt have to end like that,
at the end of the day they are just a black Rat fat Cat
so just like the black death we can all become immune,
and then make them disappear with our Worldwide platoon
we could disolve all corpoations and make it illegal,
and I'm pretty confident that would act like a febrifugal
money wouldnt be printed using quantitive easing,
instead commodity money would be a whole lot pleasing
a world living like this makes me feel all warm inside,
just love, peace and unity 'yep guessed right again' Worldwide
no Rothchild, Krupp, Cavendish, De Medici, Hanover and Rockefeller,
nor Plantagent, Ramonov, Warburg, Pandar and lets not forget Windsor
we would make Democracy real and not an illusion,
we'd be equal without worry of a foregone conclusion
so as the circle of life goes it takes us back to the start,
meaning we wouldnt of had the army's to tear us apart