Defend Iran against American Imperialism & Israeli Aggression!

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Defend Iran against American Imperialism & Israeli Aggression!
By Wolf Larsen

Once again, the Warlord-in-Chief in the White House is saber-rattling. This time, the Warlord-in-Chief is saber-rattling against Iran. The charge: Iran is supposedly developing "weapons of mass destruction".

Haven't we heard this nonsense before about Iraq? How many innocent civilians died because of the US invasion of Iraq?

Meanwhile, injured veterans from the Iraq war struggle to get by, many of them abandoned by the American government. The American government and its politicians of both political parties as well as the capitalist news media talk endless blah-blah-blah about "supporting our troops". But meanwhile injured veterans unable to work beg on the streets because the government has abandoned them!

And while injured veterans struggle to get by the war profiteers count their money and laugh! And you just know these war profiteers would love it if the United States attacked Iran! A war with Iran means more billions of dollars for the war profiteers.

After the end of the Cold War there was supposed to be peace. But peace never happened because the politicians and the capitalist news media (like Fox news) absolutely love war. As long as we have capitalism there will be endless war. The American capitalists and their prostitute-politicians of both political parties are insane – they want to dominate the world! In addition, they want to make a bunch of money by war profiteering in the process!

Even if it's true that Iran is developing a nuclear bomb, all I can say is who can blame them? Two of Iran's neighbors have already been invaded by the United States: Iraq & Afghanistan. In addition, the aggressive warrior nation of Israel has the atomic bomb. Iran has the right to defend itself against American imperialism and Israeli aggression.

The US government's blah-blah-blah about weapons of mass destruction is of course completely hypocritical, because the United States has more weapons of mass destruction than any other country on the planet. The United States INVENTED the atomic bomb. The United States is the only country on the planet that has the dubious distinction of using the atomic bomb. That makes the US government the biggest nuclear terrorist in the world.

While it's important to defend Iran from American imperialism I give not one iota of political support to the Iranian regime. Hopefully, one day repressive regimes – like those that exist in Iran, the USA, and Israel – will be overthrown by their peoples in a workers revolution. Since everyone will have the right to a job after a workers revolution then the bourgeoisie of Iran, the USA, and Israel will have the right to go get a job! Let the bourgeoisie of Iran, the USA, and Israel flip hamburgers for a living!

The enemy of the American worker is on Wall Street and in Washington DC, not in Iran! Similarly, the enemy of the Israeli worker is not Iran. The enemy of the Israeli worker is the Israeli bourgeoisie. The Israeli bourgeoisie pays the Israeli worker stingy wages, but charges the Israeli worker dearly in rent, groceries, and other necessities.

No war with Iran! Down with the war profiteers! Down with the Warlord-in-Chief in the White House!