The Rich Are Making a Class War against Working-Class Americans

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The Rich Are Making a Class War against Working-Class Americans
by Wolf Larsen
What is the difference between the Democrats and the Republicans? There is no difference! Both the Democrats and the Republicans bring us endless war! The Democrats and the Republicans bailout the big corporations while the American people suffer from a wave of foreclosures from sea to shining sea! The Democrats and the Republicans both support the Patriot Act, which is an attack on our civil liberties! Both the Democrats and the Republicans support the so-called war on drugs, which is also an attack on our civil liberties! Two million Americans currently sleep behind prison bars every night – mostly because of drugs! Why should somebody go to jail because of drugs?!
The nation I grew up in was a relatively prosperous one, albeit with many problems. But as the years have gone by so many factories have closed – we are literally losing our industrial base! The infrastructure throughout the nation has continued to deteriorate as seen in New Orleans. The rich have gotten richer while everyone else has gotten poorer. Unions are being smashed. Many good paying blue-collar and white-collar jobs have been eliminated, and it seems like more are being eliminated every day. Are we all doomed to slave away for minimum wage?! And the tax burden has increasingly fallen upon the working people.
According to Yahoo News most of the rich people in our nation do not pay income taxes, and many large corporations in America do not pay taxes either. This is an outrage! It's like the ruling class in our nation think they're 19th century French royalty or something! They eat caviar and drink champagne while the American people suffer from unemployment, foreclosures, and stingy wages!
It's time for the billionaires, CEO executives, and the politicians of both parties to get a job! Let them all pick garbage off the ground for food stamps!
It's time to put America back to work! Everyone should have the right to a job! It's time for working Americans to make decent wages! We need a massive unionization effort to unionize every major employer from coast-to-coast!
It's time for working-class America to unite together! Whether we are white or black, Christian or Jewish, male or female, nativeborn or immigrant, gay or straight – we all have the same struggle! We are all the same class! We are the working-class! We built this country! We make this country run – we built the highways, we built the airplanes, we drive the trains and buses, we work in the factories, we work in the offices, we make the economy happen! The wealth of this nation rightfully belongs to the workers – not to the parasitic ruling class!
United together the working-class can be a tremendous force fighting for good-paying jobs for all, free quality child care for all, free quality health care for all, free quality higher education for all, and no more wars! Instead of going for endless war our taxes must be used to benefit the workers! All workers must be united! An injury to one worker is an injury to all workers! White workers must fight for black equality! Men workers must fight for women's equality! Straight workers must fight for gay equality! Nativeborn workers must fight for the rights of immigrants! Christian workers must defend Arabic and Jewish workers from discrimination! We are all workers, we must all be united, we must all fight together! Remember, an injury to one worker is an injury to all workers!
We must also fight for the rights of our veterans! Honor the veterans, not the wars! Many injured veterans returning from the wars have injuries so severe they cannot work. But instead of instantly receiving the benefits they need many injured veterans often encounter endless bureaucratic obstacles from our government!
Soldiers! Are you sick of war?! Soldiers are being sent back to fight and die in countries halfway across the world over & over again! These wars have nothing to do with the defense of our nation! These wars are about dominating the world! If the rich people & the politicians want to dominate the world why don't they themselves go fight & die in these countries! Bring our troops home now! How many innocent civilians are dying in all these wars?! How many of our young people are returning home injured or in caskets from all these endless wars?! It seems that the only people that these wars benefit is the war profiteers! Down with the war-profiteers! While some of our veterans are cast out into the street by our government the war-profiteers are raking in the dough!
And down with nationalism & patriotism! The politicians & the news media have used nationalism & patriotism to get us into all these bloody wars! We are workers – and we have more in common with the workers and the poor of the world than we do with the rich and powerful of our own nation! The enemy of the American worker is not in Iraq, Libya, Vietnam, or Afghanistan! The enemy of the American worker is Washington DC and Wall Street! When the rich and powerful of our nation are not making war abroad they are making war against the American working people! They are smashing our unions and throwing us out of our homes and paying us ever stingier wages while the cost of living goes up & up! While working-class Americans suffer corporate profits go up & up and the rich get richer & richer!

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