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Google always strikes us, does not it? 

This time, a feature that helps travelers' lives, Google Flights or Google Flights was discovered. It is a search engine for airline tickets that, from the chosen destination, selects the date and the cheapest airline to travel. It could only be from Google.


And if you want to travel, but are not sure where to go, in the module "Explore destinations" the search engine helps you, with a map, to check passages in account.


I'll explain in detail:


Google Flights




This is the Google homepage. If your trip already has certain destination and date marked, just fill in the gaps that the search engine will find the ideal passage. If you still have questions about where to go, click on the map.


Google Flights


A screen similar to this will appear, with its proper location. All red dots correspond to destinations, to display the price detail, just click on one of the destinations. I'll give you an example: by selecting Sydney, Australia, to the left of the map, we'll see a screen like this, without prices, since I did not fill the date to search, I selected a random one and see what happens:


Google Flights


In this case, today's date (31/01) appeared as one way and automatically on day 4 to return, when selecting it, all ticket prices already allocated by airlines for these dates have been computed and listed. After that, click the arrow that says "Show Flights . "


Google Flights


If you did not find what you were looking for, please use our personalized search engine: Below, Google has provided a price tracker, this function is so that if there is a lightning flash promotion and the ticket changes price, you be warned in your gmail. 

Is not this the date you want to travel? By clicking to change the day of the ticket, the search engine already selects all tabulated prices for the next few days.


Google Flights


How wonderful!


Now, you get a broad view of the cheapest airfares. Thank you, Google!Google has a great tool for searching for airfare prices: Google Flights , whose tip was given by reader Eduardo a little while ago.


Google Flights


The search engine is quite complete and organizes the trips by stops, prices, airlines, schedules, duration and several other criteria.


For a quite complete description of the service, I leave here the link of the subject of TechTudo .



This is a great tool to search for air tickets, combining two qualities of Google services: simplicity and efficiency.


Thanks to reader Eduardo for sending the tip!