The Manifesto of Illiterate Literature

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The Manifesto of Illiterate Literature
a call for literary masturbation by the Grand Illiterate Messiah of Illiterate Literature: Wolf Larsen

Warning: some sexual imagery. Puritans & strongly religious individuals may wish to stop reading now. You have been warned.

It’s time to unite English literature with the fishes in the sea!

It’s time for blow jobs to become correct grammatical structures!

It’s time for all writers to take their blowup dolls out on romantic dates!

It’s time for Oscar Wilde’s anus to become the church hall of literary tradition!

It’s time for orgies in all the universities!

It’s time to unite all whorehouses under the great tradition of Shakespeare’s sonnets!

Now is the time for alcoholic writers to unite in a naked carnaval of endless sex & joy & music!

We are all the zombies of sex goddess poetry! Cleopatra is our divine fertility goddess of the Muse!

England shall be invaded by the transvestite goddesses of illiterate literature at once!

All English teachers should dress up in dominatrix outfits and whip their audiences with correct English grammatical sex!

The time has come to unite the black & white & brown skins in the S&M dungeons of poetry!

Everybody should marry their own penis! Including people that don’t have penises!

I love you all! And when I whip you with the beautiful torture of my literature you can feel my love for you! For I am the Illiterate Messiah of Illiterate Literature!

I am the Messiah of all ridiculousness! I announce the beautiful kingdom of glorious ridiculousness! And illiterate literature shall create the reality of this glorious land, which shall spontaneously be created by the illiterate authors themselves! In other words, a constantly changing Paradise created by the dreams & fantasies of the writers creating reality with their pens!

It’s time to procreate with the masses the illiterate literature of all our wet dreams! It’s time for our wet dreams to become literary movements! It’s time for literary movements to become world wars! Only nuclear Armageddon will free the atoms in our brains for all eternity! Welcome the nuclear Armageddon with a new surrealistic poetry of wet dreams!

Goodbye human race! Embrace the mushroom clouds! Embrace the end of literature!