Poem Posting and formatting and HTML and Stuff

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First we take care of line breaks...
1 line break
2 or more line breaks result in a new paragraph

ok... next we filter allowed html......

  You can use pre tags to preserve formatting like this and to have more space between lines:

       two                 two point    five.... .   .     .           .


   I'm way down here... ok bye!

what's allowed:
Anchor Tags
em tags
b for bold, same as strong
i like em, makes italics
u for underline

blockquote for quoting or indenting

font tags, although old and depricated still work for size and color and style
span tags can also be used

and finally, center

  • list item

this is a test of cite

You can also add videos by using the video tag [video:URL].

You can also use the img tag to embed an image.

...and lastly, email addresses and links that start with www or http:// will auto convert to links.

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