Cultural palette

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Wings blue and blue light by the dove in flight,
Orange amber of sunrise above Ararat mountain,
Red ruby's star for philosophical way through the night,
The sea and the sky
Like catholic orthodoxy from deepness of the highest of high,
Therese's little book inside,
This french princess in my mind at my right and protect behind,
Her friendship is without lie,
Creation of the world again,
Some protestants are green or yellow leaves and fruits on tree of life,
The purple veil in synagogue now is sail,
Rainbow as the ark in shine,
But from my cross with salt i cry:
Exist not three cheeks for one who slay by lie,
When gay-parade's snake with my Eve speak into street's maze for crime,
His semaphore's eyes like false rainbow of sins mesmerize,
The mirage over Kosovo in burning pale drop like the tears without rain,
Crowns, crowds, arrows, it is the signs,
The two commandments are Robin Wood and Aivengo knight
With all good samaritans around in white.


*Linked with 7 churchs of Revelation of Jonh in mission on the earth.