Ages and Death's Wages

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Take it all down to you and yours
now and into the befores where the
chore is pure in realms of hate white
as white light rays on the universe
old as grandma's pulled down shade.
Taking is the precursor to making breath
work for the palest few.
Make this run come undone because
we have just begun to spurn turning
out anyone in favor of everything
green and crisp or supremely clean.
Mean becomes white fun, the nose
tilted above all heads, rising
like some sun.
Over here we prefer the night,
the right level of brightness
at forever midnight until 
clouds cover what creates
shadows. Below, over here, you 
chose to live to dirt-sink seeds
of hate to later feed on greed.
Cutting in front, taking back what
was sold, in exchange old money made
from borrowed ink on blood stained paper.
Avoid the noises of patience and these
gifts of thriftier altruism. Pour on
the artificial sterilized superficial
oils of selfisms to create war
that favors the ugly spectrum of 
unrecognizable hues. Nothing oozes 
oil black selfish-isms creating
schisms between love and you.
Win when social ill-being is thickly
honey-coated with big calculations on
a rush through well-constructed
barricades of lush full flushed avarice.
So nice and iced with acid in a cube
to poison everyone else except blossoms
of pristine white in a field of dark flora.
Bring hellishness back in perpetual
reruns. Enjoy the toys poised to splice
contentment and satisfaction for noise.
From start to theough, you continue
feeding the need for grit and greed.
Monday to Monday mundane insanity
always pushy, shouldering to claim
the privileges of first and best. The
rest are matterless, zero zest for
the masses means more birth right
security for all things yours. No
one else is welcome. Share the brilliance
of the day you own, meticulously chipped
in stone. Your kindred, in white sin,
remains wonderfully ignorant of shelves
jammed tight with unread dead scholars.
Without loss or grief, no longer
courting the sharing of brief smiles
so as to promote longer hunger with
no relief. Presentments of a white
white monger, advocat of regressive
designs as thoughts hungering to earn
a bigoted win in a cataclysm of
infinite sin. It is a lifestyle

Again, like the inevitability 
of raining pain and covetous need, 
speed past love, the intent a sprint
to insult and do nothing good. Liking
the gusto mostly fed in grunting
and gnawing at more swill than you 
can swallow. Taking is hunting, still
the prey bleeds odd shaded blood.
It is impossible to look appalled
at avarice as a can do slow of I
wantisms, meism manias made mentally
awful as I syndromes heading like
lead to the bottom of human oceans
where no light comes of age; where
nothing ever grows but grapes of rage.
My salutation reads Yours In Greed written
on salted ground in a graveyard where your
hypocracy feeds on used to bes. Encouraged
to make others feel as black as black
denied the knack to attack your dim
manifesto's slate. How can you embrace
the whitest desire to skate away sooner
leaving everyone behind you to depart
later than late?