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Help this foolishness cycle 

of co-conspiracy. Call in favors,

call in creation's bliss. You only 

hurt the fool you help conjure

as a song for imposter jesters.

Permission will not be granted 

to assist the needing. It is totally

true. The best way to fool

someone is to help them.

A lifetime could be spent

helping and harming feckless

fools. Such unredemption

can kill such foolishness.




And the poet dreamed of Alice

who drank the koolaid

and watched amazed as the

albino rabbit set fire to the bed.

Some potions have ill written

labels. This reads: "The last 

who drank this ink just so,

rolled up her legs." Truth 

was, she sipped it lightly 

so, in the mirror-world, she

was hanging from a fading

cat's bough and swinging,

she rolled up her legs




No one bothers a man who makes

North. North makes a man bothered

who no one made. If made, go

North. If bothered, go where no one

has gone before. 




You are a screamer

and a liar when you yell.

Exasperation requires

more oxygen. You exclaimed

two hellos when only one

was necessary to say 





Don't be afraid to be alone,

I am a text message away. So,

wanting solitude, there are better

things than your phone. Write

a poem. Write a letter.




Things stored are pulled 

out when clouds end and sun

returns. Fondly, remembrances

bring creativity to maturity,

ideation is conceived, or

old and young work together.

Things are always remembered

fondly when collaboration 

created them.


Collaboration Write

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