The Revelation of the son Christ

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The seventh level of the seventh dream

led me to the fourth realm

and in this realm I came upon the back of God

for I was not worth to see his holy face

and the light was so great

I had to close my eyes so as not to be blinded

and as I looked into nothingness

I felt the presence of the Christ as he touched

my shoulder and as he spoke

I became warm with rays of peace and tranquility

and of all things I was shown the mysteries of heaven

the knowledge of earth

and those from beyond the seventh gate

of the realm

beyond the milky way

wherein I saw our past present and future

and before the earth I was taken up held in the arms

of the masters

and given the key to knowledge of all things

in the glory of God and the son Christ

and the mother Heaven and God said let there be no

more secretes revealed unto you until the time of my return.